When I see somebody in my chair , looking in the mirror , I don't see a "client" I see a person whom I want to show to the world the best and unique version of themselves through my vision as a man and a hairstylist.

Haircut Vision. Loic Cammisano.





About Loic Cammisano

Loic Cammisano is a hairstylist born and raised in Lyon, France and currently based in New-York City.After finishing school, he realized his passion within this industry is Editorial & Fashion Hairstyling. To further his education and nourish his passions, Loic embarked on an exciting journey which took him around the world, learning alongside the worlds biggest names in the industry. This has brought him closer to realizing his American Dream in 2019.Since then, his editorial style & trendy haircuts made him one of the top and most sought after hairstylist in New-York City.


"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"

- Rachel Zoe